Professional Sport Statistics

Download the dedicated Android app on your smartphone or tablet, and start creating complete statistics of your teams within minutes!

Quick and intuitive data entry

Due to the quickness of the game, special attention has been given to a fast and intuitive data entry, every action can be inserted with 2 taps, choosing from concise lists.

Easy to customize

Define up to 10 actions by your own, if you want to track special actions or information. Activate/deactivate the actions that can be entered and shown in the stats.

Real time statistics

Player statistics, game stats and the complete score of the game can be called up in real time during the game, and send by email whenever you want.

Revolutionize your game stats

Many useful features, developed in collaboration with coaches and supervisors

12 years of experience

In 2012, a handball coach and former player asked for a simple but powerful tool to replace all the sheets of paper he was using to keep the statistics of his team. The idea for a statistics app was born! Many new features were added over time, bringing the app also to new sports.

Developed in collaboration with experts

Only who works every day for his sport knows what he would like to know. Our apps were developed in strong collaboratoin with coaches, listening to their wishes and needs. This way we can make sure the features offered and the data collected are useful for real.

If you have new ideas for improvements, just contact us!

For Coaches, Players and Parents

If coaches and their assistants need the statistics also during the game especially to make tactical corrections, players really like it to look at their performances once the game is finished.

And many parents like to take stats of their children’s games…

However, all of them can synchronize the data of players and games with each other if they want to.


What the users say

Steven S.

(Hockey Statistics)

This app is the whole package. If you have questions or suggestions the developer is great at communicating with you and is open to suggestions.

Alejandro C.

(Handball Statistics)

I worked for a long time in Excel to graph the performance of my athletes. This is a great help, without a doubt a very good app, it is totally worth it

Centis B.

(Hockey Statistics)

I have tried most, if not all, of the apps available on Android/iOS/Windows and this is by far the most usable and stream lined for entering real time stats.

Bill B.

(Hockey Statistics)

This app is both easy to use and powerful.

These are the dedicated apps we offer


The app is free to download but requires an active subscription to use. At the moment the following two packages are offered.

Depending on each user’s country, the prices may vary slightly due to different taxes and fees. Please check them directly on the Play Store!

This is the recommended package, and allows entering, changing, deleting, viewing and synchronizing all data contained in the app.

With this package, the synchronization can be used to get data from another club member or other device and consult them. However, no data can be changed or deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions


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